• Why Representation Matters: The Meaning of Ethnic Quotas in Rural India“. Out now (March 2017) at Cambridge University Press.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Under Review

  • “Is ‘Ethnic Politics’ Responsible for ‘Criminal Politics’? A Vignette-Experiment in North India”. Under Review.
  • The Limited Impact of Information on Political Accountability: An Experiment on Financial Disclosures in India”. With Marko Klasnja and S.P. Harish. Under Review.
  • ‘Why Provide Electoral Handouts? Theory and Micro-level Evidence from Mumbai“.

New Papers

  • How Partisan is Political Brokerage in Rural India?” PAP available here
  • “Who Better Knows Voters? A Cross-Referencing Survey in Rural India”

Writing Stage 

  • Using Local Networks to Increase Accountability: A Field Experiment on Information and Accountability”. With Neelan Sircar (funded by EGAP).
  • “Who Are the “Brokers”? Low-level Party Officials and Their Role in Clientelism in Mumbai“.
  • Brokering the Vote in Urban India: Failed Clientelism and the Search for Alternative Strategies”, Book Project. 
  • Influence in Rural India. An Experimental Approach”.  Data collection in Summer 2016 in Bihar, India. (joint with Neelan Sircar). PAP.

Data Collection

  • Crowdsourcing Data on Campaign Finance in India“. Data collection in Winter 2017 in Uttar Pradesh, India. (joint with Jennifer Bussell).