• Why Representation Matters: The Meaning of Ethnic Quotas in Rural India“. Out now (March 2017) at Cambridge University Press.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Under Review & Forthcoming


  • Is ‘Ethnic Politics’ Responsible for ‘Criminal Politics’? A Vignette-Experiment in North India”.
  • “What Costs So Much in Indian Elections? Intuitions From Recent Electoral Campaigns in Mumbai”. Book chapter. Forthcoming in ‘Political Finance in India’ (Eds. Milan Vaishnav and Devesh Kapur).
  • “Dilemmas & Challenges of Citizen Information Campaigns: Lessons from a Failed Experiment in India”. Joint with Neelan Sircar. Book chapter. Forthcoming in ‘Information and Political Accountability: A New Method for Cumulative Learning” (Eds Thad Dunning, Guy Grossman, Marcatan Humphreys, Susan Hyde, and Craig McIntosh).

Working Papers

  • “Beyond Coethnicity: Political Influencers in Ethnically Diverse Societies.” HERE.
  • “Courting Votes Without Political Workers: The Effect of Political Competition on Partisan Networks in Rural India.” HERE.
  • “Who Are “Brokers”? Low-level Party Officials and Their Role in Clientelism in Mumbai”. *Coming Soon*

Book Projects / Writing

  • Influence in Rural India. An Experimental Approach”.  (joint with Neelan Sircar).

Ongoing Data Collection

  • Crowdsourcing Data on Campaign Finance in India“. Data collection in Mumbai.